onsdag 3 oktober 2007

Happy N.

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StickLena sa...

Perfekt foto när man behöver piggas upp!
Kolla gärna min blogg http://notoriskstickare.blogspot.com/och gå med i min webring Svenska Stickringen. Välkommen!

Celandine sa...

Hi! I found your ravelry account when I searched for Kochoran projects. Your comments about the yarn and sweater were so funny, I decided to look at your blog. I also got bunny bits all over the place, and I am having trouble with gauge as well. I am determined to NOT give my sweater to my mother, so I am trying to figure things out! Come visit my blog! By the way, are you speaking Swedish, Dutch or what? I speak German and English, that's it, sorry. -Sarah

Anonym sa...

lart mycket