onsdag 3 oktober 2007

Happy N.

tisdag 2 oktober 2007

tisdag 29 maj 2007

More finished

The baby fell asleep again, so here are the rest of my finished objects that i have photos of.

Pattern: Puff Sleeve Cardi from Fitted Knits
Yarn Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino x 5
Needles: 4 mm
Modifications: I didn´t make the peplum part, and did seed stitch on all edges. Oh, and made the button band at the same time as the rest of the body. I hate picking up stitches.

I like it, but I wish I had chosen a yarn that is a bit more sturdy. It´s a bit floppy. And I have to buy two more buttons.

Pattern: My own top-down raglan, designed with negative ease, and a cable from the x-mas stocking in the Vogue knitting holiday issue from last year.
Yarn: Araucania Nature Wool x 3
Needles: 4 mm

This I love. The only thing about it is that I still have 20 pounds to lose from being pregnant, so I can´t use it yet.

Now I have to go and take more photos. I still have a few fo´s, and I have a new addiction, ravelry.

måndag 28 maj 2007

Cropped Cardi FO

Thank goodness I haven´t got any readers (I think), since it´s been two weeks since my last post. And the reason? I forgot my freaking password!

Well, I´ve been knitting like crazy, so I´m gonna try uploading a few pictures, at last.

First, I finished my cropped cardi. I woke up one day dying to try a steek, remembered I had some Bartlett yarns fisherman, and cast on. The steek was a bit sweaty, but it worked just fine. I hand-sewed on both sides, and cut.

Pattern: My own seamless raglan, inspired by the Cropped cardi by Blue Sky alpacas
Yarn: Bartlett Fisherman, bought from kpixie
Needles: 6 mm

Now I have to see if this actually worked, so more Fo´s tomorrow.

lördag 12 maj 2007

No sunshine

I´ve finished my sweater in Araucania Nature wool, and the Puff (not) Sleeve Cardi, but this week has been dreary, no sunshine and all rain, all the time, so no pictures yet.

Today A is going to a birthday party, so she is running about fixing up necklaces for the birthday girl. N is jealous, but I think I can make him feel better with ice cream later on.

I´m supposed to be working on my last paper for the semester, but I can´t seem to get to it at all. I need some sun!

söndag 6 maj 2007

First post

This is my first post. I decided I have to try this once and for all.

My name is Alexandra. I live in a very small town in Sweden, with my husband E, and our three kids. A is five, N is two, and P is five months.

All I want to do is knit. It keeps me sane, really. In between the kids, studying art full time and dreaming of starting my own LYS, it is many times the only thing helping me not lose my mind. Sewing used to be my thing, but I lost my mojo a long time ago, but since discovering the awesome crafting community online its starting to come back.

I like natural fibers, tattoos, stripy clothes, renaissance art, thrifting, chocolate and when my kids play nicely together.