måndag 28 maj 2007

Cropped Cardi FO

Thank goodness I haven´t got any readers (I think), since it´s been two weeks since my last post. And the reason? I forgot my freaking password!

Well, I´ve been knitting like crazy, so I´m gonna try uploading a few pictures, at last.

First, I finished my cropped cardi. I woke up one day dying to try a steek, remembered I had some Bartlett yarns fisherman, and cast on. The steek was a bit sweaty, but it worked just fine. I hand-sewed on both sides, and cut.

Pattern: My own seamless raglan, inspired by the Cropped cardi by Blue Sky alpacas
Yarn: Bartlett Fisherman, bought from kpixie
Needles: 6 mm

Now I have to see if this actually worked, so more Fo´s tomorrow.

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nuttnbunny sa...

Nice! I've, also, had an itch to try steeks.